Your water basin as an energy source

A sustainable revenue model

A double function for your water basin, water combined with floating solar panels means sustainable generation of electricity. In a small and densely populated country like the Netherlands, we need to be creative with the space we have available. That is why we at SOW have developed a concept specifically for water basins. A double utilization of the surface, a profitable business case, no need for algae cloth, less water evaporation, lower temperature; we will take care of everything. Using the battery, you will be able to regulate use and optimize return. Our headquarters is located at the heart of the Dutch horticultural area Westland and we have a background in horticulture, so we speak the same language. We are happy to calculate what your basin is worth.

ZonOpWaterbassin Zonnepalen op waterbassin
ZonOpWaterbassin Zonnepalen op waterbassin
ZonOpWaterbassin Zonnepalen op waterbassin

A double function for your water basin

How much can you profit from your water basin?

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    The benefits for you as a horticultural entrepreneur

    Benefits for horticultural entrepreneurs

    • Extra revenue model
    • ROI up to approx. 5-15% per year
    • Complete package: we will take care of everything
    • 15 year warranty
    • Sustainable energy from your own water basin
    • Simple way of making your business more sustainable

    Benefits for your water basin

    • Less water evaporation
    • Less algae growth
    • Less temperature fluctuation
    • Less maintenance
    • Extra protection for the basinfoil
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    What does your basin yield?

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    ZonOpWaterbassin - Postplant

    Postplant - Pijnacker

    Mr. Henk Post

    ‘The dual function of our water basin, keeping up with the times but also the sustainable yet cheap energy made us decide to install floating solar panels on our water basin. SOW took care of everyting, which was great. You’ll notice right away that they have a background in horticulture.’